Holiday Art Show at Terra Gallery

  Hey, everybody!  A while back, I Instagrammed some color sketches I did while drawing with the Doodle Crew during our Saturday night meetups at Dominican Joe here in Austin.  One was called “Flightless, My Ass!” and the other, based upon a character created by Tim Jennings for the Fantasy Fiction podcast (now known as Tales From The Tavern), was Ice Bitch. Just before Halloween, I got a message from…


Three galleries are up, DIGITAL, TRADITIONAL, and STORYBOARDS in a much easier format that before.  There will soon be a “services” page with prices for commissioned work and a links page. Stay tuned.  Stay real.  Stay monstrous.

The New

I’m tossing out the old format completely and starting fresh with a WordPress site. Check back soon for the new galleries with new sections and some new work.