– The official online presence of my cohorts back in The Hamptons, the Bonac Tonic Art Collective.

Doodle Dudes ATX – If you’re in Austin and love to draw, join our group and come spend a Saturday night getting creative with some talented folks over some tea and coffee.

Grant Haffner – Bonac Tonic’s founder and captain.  Creator of bold, dynamic landscapes.

Misuse of Mana – Fantasy webcomic created by my friend and fearless leader of the Doodle Dudes, Sean Yager.

Gary Lovelace – Another Bonac Tonic alum who specializes in classical-style fantasy paintings, portraits, and graphic design.

Christian Little – A Bonac Tonic veteran who combines the figurative and the abstract in a way that must be seen to be understood.

Richard John Hunt – A fellow Doodle Dude and self-described “scruffy-looking e-cartoonist.”

Tidah Adipat – Illustrator, photgrapher, writer, and more.

Dan Wolff – Illustrator, cartoonist, and creator of the webcomic series “Three Panel Origin.”

WFMU – The world’s greatest radio station.  100% listener-supported and freeform.

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