Inktober Sweepstakes!


Once again, Inktober is upon us. With so much time spent painting my monsters on those massive canvases or illuistrating storyboards on the Cintiq, it’s both a challenge and a relief to follow 31 daily prompts to create simple ink drawings. Most of my drawings from last year followed “The Skeleton Chronicles,” and I’ll certainly do my best to tie in skeleton characters to this year’s prompts. These drawings got me some of my biggest reactions on Instagram, so I decided to make things a little more interesting this time.

As you may know, October 1st is the one-year anniversary of the Monster Of The Month Club, AKA my Patreon. As a special treat to those of you who are already following me and a special enticement to those who have not yet, I’m turning this year’s Inktober into a sweepstakes. On November 1st, I will randomly select one MOTMC member to receive all 31 Inktober 2019 drawings. These will range from 8″x8″ to 11″x14″ and will be rendered in a variety of markers, brush pens, and maybe even highliters. What this means for new folks is that, as long as you join by Halloween, not only will you receive your standard monthly goodies for your first billing cycle in November, but you might get a whole stack of hand-drawn horrors!

To sign up, head over to and choose your monthly prize level!

To whet your appetites, here are a few samples from last year, along with this year’s list of prompts!

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