Holiday Art Show at Terra Gallery

Holiday Art Show at Terra Gallery


Hey, everybody!  A while back, I Instagrammed some color sketches I did while drawing with the Doodle Crew during our Saturday night meetups at Dominican Joe here in Austin.  One was called “Flightless, My Ass!” and the other, based upon a character created by Tim Jennings for the Fantasy Fiction podcast (now known as Tales From The Tavern), was Ice Bitch.

File Dec 09, 9 49 44 PM File Dec 09, 9 49 19 PM

Just before Halloween, I got a message from the curator of the new Terra Toys Art Gallery, Neeka Allsup-Edwards, asking if I would be interested in displaying these as part of Terra’s Holiday Art Exhibit.  Since these were two small, rough sketches done with pretty rudimentary materials, I offered to redo them at 16×20 with colored pencils instead of the Prismacolor Artstix used for the originals.  Since these are eventually going to become large oil paintings, it would help to have larger demo versions of these anyway.

Flightless, My Ass! Ice Queen of Stonesreralm

Anyway, you can see the finished products here on my site, but if you want to see them in person, go to Terra Toys at 2438 West Anderson Lane in Austin, TX.  Ms. Allsup-Edwards is a petty damn talented artist herself.  You can see her work at

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