Kings of Atlantis, new paintings, and Society6 update!

Greetings, Earthlings!

I get so caught up with producing new work that I forget to come here and tell you about it. First up:

KINGS OF ATLANTIS is now available on YouTube Red!

That’s the first episode, which is available for free. To see the rest, including the ones I storyboarded, you’ll have to sign up for a membership with YouTube Red, which comes with a 30-day free trial.

It’s a fun show and the team at Mighty Coconut did an amazing job with the visuals. For me, it was fun to see my storyboards translated into 3D animation for the first time.

Speaking of which, I’ve uploaded a few samples of those aforementioned storyboards to this very site, in both still form and as the animatics that the Coconuts created from my drawings. Here’s one of those now:

To see three more clips and other samples, head over to the Storyboards section.

Aside from this and a few other freelance storyboard gigs, I’ve been spending much of my time creating a new series of oil paintings, some based on earlier works, and some are brand new monsters created at my semi-weekly visits with the Doodle Dudes. I’m waiting until a full set of 25 to 30 is ready to be displayed before I get them professionally photographed, but I have been posting progress shots on my Instagram and Facebook pages. Here some iPhone photos of the ones I’ve completed so far:

Those of you who already follow me on social media are aware that the sketches and color studies for these pieces were done digitallly, in Photoshop. Since I couldn’t wait to get these images out in the world (and the digital versions are so much easier to print), I have decided to start overhauling my Society6 page by getting rid of old drawings and paintings and replacing them with the digital versions of the new series. With these digital paintings being made in such high resolution, I can offer a wider range of products than ever before, with things like curtains, metal travel mugs, and even leggings being added to the line of framed prints and t-shirts.

Head on over to my Society6 page to place your orders now and see all the new creatures as I gradually roll them out.

That’s all for now. More updates coming soon!

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