Starting a Patreon

Greetings, Earthlings!

As I mentioned last week, I’m starting a Patreon page and aiming to go live with it on May 1st.  The toughest part of starting a Patreon is figuring out what kind of rewards to offer potential backers that’ll make it worthwhile for both sides.  After much deliberation, studying of other artists’ Patreons, and discussions with fellow creators, I think I’ve come up with a prize structure that’ll make it seem fair for you kind folks to throw me some dough in exchange for some goodies that won’t stretch me too thin.  In addition to the downloads, handmade doodles, and video chats, you’ll get to see exclusive process blogs, photos, and videos of the paintings you’re helping to make possible.  This also means, I won’t be posting the detailed progress reports here or on my Instagram page.

Anyway, here’s my hand-scrawled prize plan:

Click and click again to see full size.

So yeah, the whole thing will center around a Monster Of The Month, one of my existing characters who’ll be featured as a downloadable coloring book page, wallpaper, sticker, doodle, etc.  Also, if you go for the Monstrositized portrait, send me a photo of yourself and I’ll hybridize you with that month’s featured creature.  As you see in spot #8, I’m trying to decide between either a monthly or weekly artist hang, which will be a two-hour video chat where you get to see my working and I can answer your questions about my work and give you feedback on yours.  We can also just debate what the best Black Sabbath album is and why the correct answer is obviously Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions for me about the Patreon, please leave them below or go to the contact page.

Stay excellent, monsterpals!

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