Portrait Commissions For The Holidays!


With the holidays approaching and my storyboard season ending, I’ve decided to offer portrait commissions.  Unlike the monsterized portraits I’m offering to Monster of the Month club members, these will be more straightforward, no cartooniness, and rendered in a combination of colored pencil and oil pastel on fine, tinted paper.

The pricing structure I’ve worked out, which includes shipping and handling, is as follows:

8×10 – $275

11×14 – $350

16×20 – $450

Below are some samples.  If you’re interested, please send an email to justinsmithart@gmail.com with at least one clear, preferably high-resolution of the subject.  This could be you, your pet, your sweetheart, a parent, or anyone special you want to commemorate in a portrait this year.

I’ll continue offering portraits after the holidays, but if you’re outside of Austin, TX need it for Christmas, please place your orders before December 15th to ensure that I can ship it to you in time for you  to get it framed in time.  If you’re in Austin, please place your order before the 20th, as I’m skipping town from the 22nd to the 27th.

Special thanks to Bridget, Krystal, and Manny for allowing me to use their likenesses to advertise my portrait services, and my awesome roommate Renée for lending me Captain’s likeness.

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